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Aboriginal Drawing

Yiriyirimbang Happy, Sacred, Comforted

Established to provide professional and culturally appropriate Out-of-Home Care (OoHC) support services to Aboriginal children, families and communities in Orange and surrounding areas.

Our dedicated & compassionate NDIS team will help find support and information, allowing you to access services from your As a part of OAMS, our holistic and integrated model enhances our ability provide a comprehensive “wrap-around” service for children, carers and birth families, with priority access to healthcare, NDIS and other supports that assists their needs in a timely and safe way.
Our staff have a commitment to ensuring children grow up with pride and knowledge about their heritage and have opportunities to participate in their culture. Our priority is to work with carers to ensure that children can have access to all the resources and opportunities they need to grow and thrive and be safe and happy, connected to family, community, culture and country.

Permanency Support Program

Permanency Support Program aims to deliver quality foster care, kinship care and related services to Aboriginal children and young people in statutory out of home care.

Types of foster care:

  • Kinship care for relatives of children taken into statutory out of home care
  • Long-term out of home care: when a child has an order to remain in the care of the
    Minister until the age of 18 and there is a need to place them in a permanent placement
  • Short-term care: when it is proposed that the child may eventually return to a parent or other family member and there is a need for a temporary placement until that can happen
  • Emergency care: sudden event that requires a child to be removed from their home or current placement and to be placed in a temporary placement without much notice while long-term decisions are being made
  • Respite care: a short-term placement which may be on a regular basis so as to provide a break to the current caregiver/s
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