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Miyan Wambinya One That Provides Care For Another

Our NDIS & Healthy Aging team offer a range of services and programs for our mob and local community members.

Our dedicated & compassionate NDIS team will help find support and information, allowing you to access services from your plan. If you or your loved one is living with a disability, OAMS can arrange expert professionals to support you to continue living life to the fullest, reaching goals and always helping you to feel safe & supported.

Support Coordination

Our NDIS Support Coordinators will help you to find individualised, quality supports in order to achieve your goals and to participate more fully in the community. This can include initial assistance with linking you with the right providers based on your needs, assistance to source providers and coordinating a range of supports. Our NDIS Officers aim to build your capacity to manage of your own supports, strengthening your mental health recovery journey.

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Plan Management

Our NDIS Plan Managers offer you the freedom to choose service providers (even non-registered providers) with the benefit of having someone support you with your financial planning for the life of your plan. Our team ensures a smooth and efficient process to ensure timely payment of invoices. The Team will also send out monthly statements to keep you up to date with your spending and the balance remaining of your NDIS funds.
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Core Supports

These services include but are not limited to:

  • House and yard maintenance
  • Help with cleaning your home
  • Support with preparing/cooking meals
  • Guidance with budgeting
  • Community Access
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