Our Team Members

Management Team

Jamie Newman
Jamie NewmanChief Executive Officer
Amanda Kelly
Amanda KellyPractice Manager
Michael Halls
Michael HallsBusiness Manager

Clinic Team

Dr Steven Peterson
Dr Steven PetersonSenior General Practitioner
Dr Jacintha Culas
Dr Jacintha CulasGeneral Practitioner
Dr Hugh Le Lievre
Dr Hugh Le LievreGeneral Practitioner Registrar
Dr Jack Shepherd
Dr Jack ShepherdGeneral Practitioner
Dr Timothy Jones
Dr Timothy JonesGeneral Practitioner Registrar
Elizabeth Durose
Elizabeth DuroseChronic Care Co-ordinator
Esther Nethercott
Esther NethercottPrimary Health Care Registered Nurse
Nathan Sutherland
Nathan SutherlandPsychologist

Child & Family Health

Dr Skye Boughen
Dr Skye BoughenGeneral Practitioner
Dr Deborah Peterson
Dr Deborah PetersonGeneral Practitioner Registrar
Dr Alexandra Cotton
Dr Alexandra CottonGeneral Practitioner
Belinda Craig
Belinda CraigMidwife
Katherine Taylor
Katherine TaylorChild & Family Health Nurse
Mandy Thornberry
Mandy ThornberryRegistered Nurse

Aboriginal Health Workers

Talisa Smith
Talisa SmithTrainee Aboriginal Health Worker

Out of Home Care

Ashleigh Naden
Ashleigh Naden Project Officer
Tracey Downing
Tracey DowningIntake Officer

Dental Team

Marian Bohan
Marian BohanDental Assistant
Janette Lomondot
Janette LomondotDental Assistant
Christie Cain
Christie CainDental Assistant

Administration Team

Krystal Dennis
Krystal DennisAdministration Officer HR/IT
Bronwyn Cooper
Bronwyn CooperAdministraion Officer Plant & Equipment, PA to CEO
Rachel Shaw
Rachel ShawFinance Officer
Rachel Lucas
Rachel LucasTrainee Finance/Administration Officer
Yolande Meintjes
Yolande MeintjesContiniuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Assistant
Kylie Cornish
Kylie CornishMedicare Billing Officer

Reception Team

Zoe Byrne
Zoe ByrneTrainee Medical Receptionist
Fiona Clark
Fiona ClarkMedical Receptionist
Sharlene Williams
Sharlene WilliamsMedical Receptionist
Katherine Thurston
Katherine ThurstonMedical Receptionist

Transport Team

Ronald Ebsworth
Ronald EbsworthTransport Officer
Walter Leonard
Walter LeonardTransport Officer